as a short but fitting first (new blog) post, i released a game last week! if you found your way here then you've probably seen it already.. but i wanted to post about it anyway.

it's called dandelions, and you can play it on itch here. if you do get around to playing it, feel free to let me know what you think / how it made you feel.

i made this for the fall 2020 vextro game jam, which will also be up on itch this month. i wrote a whole extra thing about the process of making dandelions, for anyone who wants to read that sort of thing, and it'll go up when the jam goes up.

i don't have time to write a full post right now (cuz i'm still at work lol), but i realize it's already been about a year since i first published a piece of games writing, on anodyne 2. so i just wanted to say: thank you to everyone who's been supporting me over the last year of games writing and game-making. it's been a long fucking year.

take care.