(originally published 2020/06/25 on wordpress)

i wrote a piece on pathologic 2 for bullet points monthly! you can read it here. it's probably my favorite games writing i've done so far. it's about settler-colonialism, disease, and destroying the world.

feeling a little burnt out on longform essays. this one came out to something like 3.7k words after cutting down, and it took a month and a half to complete. which is still a lot faster than ano2 (5 months) and krz (2.5?) took, but when i started out i didn't intend to be churning out papers one after another. i started this article 2 weeks after putting out krz's..maybe not a sustainable pace.

logistically--i managed this one more quickly just because i wasn't working a day job (which will hopefully not be true soon). emotionally--it just takes a lot from me. writing one big thing means a lot more to tackle, a lot more decisions about what to include, what to scrap, how to keep the whole thing relatively cohesive and standing upright by the end. also, it's a challenge to dwell on something for that long without itching to move onto the next thing.

people have been really kind and supportive, and i'm grateful for the engagement. but how i'm feeling right now affirms that there are other kinds of work i need to be doing. other creative pursuits, like working on my own games - i really want to put something out in the near future (esp after spending so much time and energy writing about other people's games). and also, there are just other aspects of my life i want to attend to.

that being said, i'll probably still be thinking & writing about games a lot. but i want to keep it to quick blog posts--lightly edited, more spontaneous reflective stuff that takes like a few hours, maybe a few days to get out. also i think it'll let me tackle a wider array of topics and provide more opportunities to think on and write about shorter / less mainstream games i've been playing. just seems like a better arrangement overall

anyway, that's pretty much how i've been feeling. thank you for reading. 🍓